Hair at Home by Madge

         a very family friendly service

Anyone who knows Madge, the owner of this little business will no doubt tell you she is the most kind hearted person you will ever wish to meet, apart from hairdressing she loves to cook her caribbean cuisines, and she wants you to try it, delicious!

The name madge is a petname she was given from a child  back in jamaica and it has stuck with her, her real name is, (wait for it) Vivienne Elizabeth Valentine, yes that’s her real name, but she insists you call her just Madge.

Madge caters for all types of hair, Afro-caribbean, European, Asian, also bi-racial hair, you name it she does it.


Madge has been in the hairdressing business for over 30 years, having trained at West Ham College
and went on to work for Classic Hair Fashion in Stratford,London.

Under the tutorship of Inez and Raymond Marshalleck, at the time two of the most experience
black hairdresser in London Madge picked up the knowledge and experience that has served her over the wears.
In the field of hairdressing experience counts, and what Madge has in abundance is her knowledge of not just
African-American hair but of European and Asian hair and styles.

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